SEPURAN® Noble membranes for hydrogen generation



Molecular hydrogen can be produced by steam reforming and subsequently by a water gas shift reaction or it occurs as a by-product of different reactions. The largest consumers of hydrogen are refineries as well as ammonia and methanol production facilities.

Hydrogen is used in the most varied chemical reactions. In the case of many of these reactions, the hydrogen used is not fully consumed and can thus be purified and recycled.  The very selective SEPURAN® Noble membrane developed by Evonik enables high product gas purity, a high hydrogen yield as well as reduced energy consumption.

  • High efficiency in purification through highly selective membranes 

  • Stable and long-lasting 

  • Space-saving and flexible

Typical fields of application
  • Recovery of purge gas 

  • Ammonia production 

  • Methanol production 

  • Desulfurization 

  • Hydrocracking 

  • H2-PSA 

  • H2/CO ratio adjustment 

  • Debottlenecking PSA and cryogenic Systems 

  • Gas to liquid (GTL) 

  • Fischer-Tropsch synthesis


Innovative membrane technology for efficient hydrogen generation.

Brochure - SEPURAN® Noble

Jörg Balster

Director SEPURAN® Process Gases