Efficient gas separation with SEPURAN®

SEPURAN® NG for efficient processing of natural gas

Evonik has developed new membrane product – SEPURAN® NG for efficient natural gas processing.

SEPURAN® NG is an especially robust, hollow-fiber membrane, which is based on a high-performance plastic that can withstand extreme pressure and temperatures. This enables particularly selective separation of the sour gases from the natural gas, high tolerance of the higher hydrocarbons contained in the natural gas, and consistently high performance of the membrane throughout its lifetime

How does SEPURAN® NG work?

The modular structure of SEPURAN® NG has been designed for conventional, membrane-based natural gas processing plants so that, during the membrane exchange, no further adaptations are required to the existing equipment. 

Use in natural gas sources with high CO2 concentration

The membrane is designed for the challenging process conditions of natural gas processing with complex gas compositions and typical pressure and temperature conditions up to 70°C. It can be used particularly effectively in natural gas sources with a high concentration of carbon dioxide because, under these conditions, the separating properties of the membrane remain intact. 


Dr. Werner Escher

Director SEPURAN® NG


Membrane technology for efficient natural gas processing.

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Separate ways

In order to meet the increasing demand for natural gas, more and more gas fields with a high CO₂ content are being tapped. This is an ideal area of application for the new high-tech membranes from Austria.

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Tradition made in Austria

There’s a long tradition of producing plastic fibers in Upper Austria. In the town of Schörf­ling, plastic fibers are used to make membranes that could revolutionize natural gas purification worldwide.

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