Efficient gas separation with SEPURAN®

Efficient nitrogen generation with SEPURAN® N2 membranes

Nitrogen purity up to 99.5%

SEPURAN® N2 modules from Evonik have high selectivity and permeability. They combine low air consumption with high nitrogen capacity. The benefits for you: you need a small compressor, only a few modules, and operational costs are low.

SEPURAN® N2 is especially suitable in a wide variety of blanketing or inerting. As opposed to other membrane modules that are available on the market, the Evonik module combines excellent capacity with low air consumption. Alternatively, our SEPURAN® N2 Selective module can be used for low throughput volumes. The Selective version achieves high purity with extremely low air consumption. Energy consumption is especially low, while the capacity remains competitive.

  • Enormous cost savings compared to conventional gas cylinders

  • Low installation and running costs

  • Low maintenance

  • High capacity combined with low air consumption

  • Purity of up to 99.5% N2

  • Pressure up to 16 barg

  • Flexible in terms of adjusting purity

  • Easy to operate and install

  • No safety risks associated with handling gas cylinders

How does nitrogen generation with SEPURAN® N2 membranes work?

Separating with fibers

With its newly developed  hollow-fiber membrane SEPURAN® N2, Evonik is offering a needs-oriented,  efficient, and energy-saving solution for obtaining the desired gas.

Separating with fibers - Efficient nitrogen generation with SEPURAN® N2

Sandra Uebbing

Director Sepuran® N2